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[Comments] (8) : Sumana was talking about the proportions in Bill Clinton's presidential portrait. I went and checked out the portrait, and started wondering what are those circular things in the background of the portrait. I thought they might be Boy Scout merit badges, but Clinton was never a Boy Scout. Are they the seals of various government departments? A collection of handpainted state quarters? The Internet is no help. Any ideas?


Posted by steve minutillo at Mon Sep 15 2008 17:49

They're clearly Pogs.

Posted by Eric Fischer at Mon Sep 15 2008 17:52

I have some pictures that my brother took of the replica Oval Office at the Clinton Library in Little Rock. I'll check if they have enough detail to make out what is in the background. You can also see them (but not enough detail) in this lousy picture: http://www.j-archive.com/media/2007-03-30_J_02.jpg

Posted by Sumana at Mon Sep 15 2008 17:58

Hmmm, the portrait you link to is not the one in the Smithsonian/National Portrait Gallery. The one I saw was odd.

Posted by Eric Fischer at Mon Sep 15 2008 18:07

Could they be the "display of metallions from military bases he visited while in office" mentioned at http://media.www.theloquitur.com/media/storage/paper226/news/2004/12/03/Features/Library.Museum.Tout.Clintons.Achievements.Address.Scandal-819673.shtml ?

Posted by mikepop at Mon Sep 15 2008 22:49

The artist says they are a "gift of military medallions" so Eric gets the win


Posted by Eric Fischer at Mon Sep 15 2008 23:34

I am looking at my brother's photos now, but they are taken from far enough away from the medallions that you get a better look at them in the painting than in the photos.

Posted by Kris Straub at Tue Sep 16 2008 10:43

They are commemorative Babybel cheeses.

Posted by Claudia at Tue Sep 16 2008 16:36

Are they the state seals??



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