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[Comments] (4) : Why did someone send me a letter from Hong Kong certified mail? The answer tomorrow, when I go to the post office. I'm kind of apprehensive.

Update: It wasn't a letter at all. It was a little package containing a gizmo I ordered. I didn't expect them to ship it direct from China.


Posted by Evan at Fri Sep 26 2008 08:34

that sounds like the start of a Murakami novel!

Posted by Joe at Fri Sep 26 2008 15:20

Hopefully it wasn't the same domain name scam letter that someone from Hong Kong sent me last year.

Posted by pedro at Fri Sep 26 2008 17:37

re: gizmos from China -- I've been seeing that more lately; several packages alhp has ordered from the Web have come directly from Hong Kong rather than from (e.g.) a company in CA.

"Fifty percent off original retail price -- Skip the middle man!"

Posted by kirkjerk at Mon Sep 29 2008 15:17


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