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[Comments] (1) Question Center Roundup: If you're like me, you probably lack the attention span neccessary to read through seventeen pages of the World Question Center finding out what eggheads have changed their minds about. You're stymied by the fact that there's no consistency whether the headline of an entry is the proposition the author changed their mind to, the proposition they changed their mind from, or just the topic on which they changed their mind.

But you're probably not enough like me to decide to go through the whole thing anyway and post a best-of, the entries that stuck in my mind as telling me something new and interesting. Which I just did. Enjoy!

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Posted by Ian Bicking at Mon Jan 21 2008 10:46

The Steinhardt link is wrong; should be http://www.edge.org/q2008/q08_4.html#Steinhardt (case?)


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