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Cinematic Titanic: Initially I shied away from buying the Cinematic Titanic DVD because of the gargantuan 10-day backlog. Of course, I put off buying for more than 10 days because of it, but at least I was in control of not getting what I'd ordered. On the 17th I saw that the self-reported wait was down to "up to 5 days", and bought. My DVD went out the next day and it arrived today. So really the major bottleneck was the USPS getting a DVD all the way to New York from Northampton, MA. I guess there weren't fresh horses at the Hartford Inn or something.

Haven't seen it yet, but looking forward to it. Also got some AWESOME from Brendan.

: I can't get enough of the Super Golden Crisp that is John Harris's writing. Not content to write the @Play column for GameSetWatch, he also plays Peter Schickele at Gamasutra with his "Game Design Essentials" series (1 2 3 4). Man, it's better than actually playing games.


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