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[Comments] (1) Dumb Question: This is for the QCon talk I'm working on. In The Jetsons, George Jetson works in the widget factory and it's apparently canon that his job consists of pushing a button. I remembered this even though I never saw The Jetsons. But I can't find any pictures or video online of George pushing the magic button. I thought it was at the end of the show's intro, but it's not: George just kicks back at his desk and the button's not visible. That makes me think the button plot only shows up in one episode.

So which episode? If someone can find a screenshot of George in the same shot as the magic button, or tell me which episode it happens in, I'd be grateful, or at least more grateful to you than I am to the average NYCB reader. Otherwise I'll just use a screenshot of him kicking back.

Instant update: The button thing shows up in the 1990 Jetsons movie. Is that it? The only thing I like about The Jetsons is the 1960s aesthetic, so if that's it I'll just use the old screenshot. Because I'm a snob even about things I don't care about.


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