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[Comments] (3) Don't Go To London, It's A Social Construction: I haven't been writing NYCB entries in real life because I'm at a Canonical training session in London and I've got time to do approximately one non-work thing a day. I usually choose dinner. But I was sublimating some urge because last night I wrote two NYCB entries in my sleep. Here's the one I remember.

* [No comments] It Can't Be!: Kurt Cobain looks so young!

Yeah, dream-self, I checked, and he does. I'm older than Cobain was when he died, and I've barely revitalized rock 'n' roll at all. On the plus side, I managed not to kill myself. If only Cobain were still alive, sober, and washed-up, my age cohort would have less complicated self-esteem issues right about now.

The second weblog entry was about a very interesting family I met in-dream, but since they don't really exist it's better for everyone that I don't remember it.

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Posted by Evan at Sat Oct 25 2008 10:05

Have you read the Cobain diaries that came out a few years back? I picked up a copy at a used book shop in north carolina; they are an instant fix for unconscious Cobain youth-envy :-p

i hope one of those dinners has been fish n chips. mmm.

Posted by Brendan at Mon Oct 27 2008 01:15

I like that you said "age cohort" rather than "generation."

Posted by Leonard at Mon Oct 27 2008 05:48

"Generation" don't cut it my friend. You were probably in JUNIOR HIGH when Cobain killed himself.

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