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[Comments] (2) Oi! Shaver!: I wasn't able to charge my DS because unlike with your laptops, DS chargers don't have built-in voltage adapters. Then a coworker in a similar situation (he had a voltage adapter, but when I tried it out I blew a fuse in the hotel room) discovered that in the hotel bathroom was a plug that accepts an ungrounded US-style plug and delivers approximately 120 volts. The plug was labelled "SHAVERS ONLY", so I hadn't paid it any mind. Sure, I shave occasionally, but it's not like a lifestyle or anything.

Keeping in mind that I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE ACTED ON THIS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE, the most reliable source imaginable says that "the sockets for [BS 4573 plugs] can often take unearthed CEE 7/16, US and/or Australian plugs as well."


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