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[Comments] (5) The Vish-Meister: I've been keeping this a SECRET INTERNET FIND because Sumana and I like to show it to people when they or we come over. But why keep it a secret? It's delicious. KleistGeistZeit is a collective that makes hyperliterate videos in the "misheard lyrics" genre, using a cheap copy-and-paste aesthetic that resembles my constrained comics. Truly this is the best use of obscure general knowledge now that the Internet has made trivia games obsolete.

The best video by far is Wishmaster Misheard Odysseus' Idealist Alchemical Revolution, but Point of Know Return is also great, and depending on how you like those two you might be interested in the really long repetitive one.

I kind of want Andy Baio to exert the skill he has of tracking down the creators of bizarre Internet videos and interviewing them. For a while I've been thinking about emailing him, but I can't actually think of any interview questions! Apart from "have you considered using your powers to enslave humanity?" and "What's that Greek word in the Odysseus video? I can't read the Greek alphabet!" So I'll let referer logs do the work of alerting Andy, and maybe you can think of some real questions.

PS: I'm not sure who introduced us to these videos, though it may have been Moss and Julia, or Dara Weinberg. Sumana probably knows. [Update: Sumana says she found it while working on Miro.] Actually, maybe Dara Weinberg is KleistGeistZeit.

PPS: I realized too late that I should have titled yesterday's entry "News: You Can Bruise". Also that man is a feeling creature, and because of it the greatest in the universe.

Update: mystery solved!


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