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[Comments] (1) EmptyCrowd: Unless I'm wrong--and honestly, when is the last time that happened?--Halloween is the only holiday that your place of employment can shanghai you into celebrating with your co-workers in a corporate environment. It's a secular holiday, you don't get it off from work, and it's not generally of interest to adults. So long story short, I went to the Canonical office in Millbank for a Halloween party.

There were costumes. I have a special technique for Halloween costumes: I don't wear them. But when the wiki that says to wear a costume is the same wiki that lists you as someone who draws a paycheck, there's a little bit of pressure. So I employed my other technique: I did no planning and let an idea percolate which I would execute cheaply at the last minute.

Sometime last week I decided that my costume would be Launchpad itself. On Thursday we would get Launchpad T-shirts, which I planned to annotate with a huge number of Post-It Notes, a la the Office Space poster, containing the names of Launchpad classes. Unfortunately Post-It Notes don't stick terribly well to fabric. But by today, Rachel was back in town, and she came to the rescue with stickers. So now I've got a sticker-covered shirt that says things like "IHasBug" and "BlobTooLarge". It's no acid blob costume (or even AcidBlobTooLarge), but it's not bad.


Posted by Susie at Fri Oct 31 2008 23:16

Do we get to see a picture?

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