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[Comments] (3) Hey, England: I don't generally go to other countries and tell them how to run things, but you might want to look into tape dispensers. They make it easy to shear off the edge of the tape, and they hold the tape in place for next time so you don't have to pick at it. Admittedly there's a small amount of waste in selling a little piece of plastic and metal with every roll of tape, since in theory they can be reused, but now that you've become hardasses about reusing grocery bags, go ahead and treat yourselves.


Posted by Kevan at Mon Nov 17 2008 13:15

Oh, they exist. Neither the little plastic ones nor the clunking deskbound ones seem to fit my purpose, though, and maybe that goes for the rest of the nation - the smaller ones seem as if they'd run out far too quickly when taping up parcels, and I don't do enough day-to-day taping for it to be worth mounting a desktop dispenser anywhere.

Commercialism goes even further and also provides pre-cut strips of tape for our busy modern lifestyles.

Posted by anonymous at Mon Nov 17 2008 17:46

I get a good year or two out of a roll of tape. The tape is thicker though. I wonder if you find yourself double-taping things?

Posted by rachel at Mon Nov 17 2008 18:11

I have a tape dispenser but it might have been Specially Imported. Did you know at M&S you have to pay 5p if you want a bag? But you don't dare complain because inside you are thinking "I should have foreseen this pizza emergency and brought my own."

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