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[Comments] (1) Night Of The Waffle Coasters: Put up some boring pictures from QCon. I'll get some better pictures once I get out and start doing things. I couldn't get my usual webpage export to work on the laptop so I just stuck the photos on Flickr.

[Comments] (2) Cannelini Bean Spread: This is a delicious garlicky recipe I reverse-engineered from Supper, an awesome Italian restaurant in the East Village.

Mash it all together. Spread on bread. That's it. It's excellent. I never really cooked with cannelini beans before but I think they're a better all-purpose bean than kidney beans.

Melt The Oranges: Awesome random recipe generator, via Kevan. I wish I'd thought of that, but my random recipe generators were too well-structured and not dadaist enough, and that made them impossible to implement. Even looking at these recipes I think "well, you really need to stir-fry something in some liquid, which means we need to know which ingredients are liquid..." and it stops being fun.


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