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[Comments] (7) : There must be thousands of people with suggestive names, walking around Gotham City, who never quite became Batman villains.


Posted by Evan at Sat Nov 22 2008 10:43

I coulda been a contender, I coulda been a doctor, dr. freeze, instead of just a frosty bum"
-- Mr Frosty

Posted by Leonard at Sat Nov 22 2008 11:52

"which is what I am!"

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Sat Nov 22 2008 12:33

I remember my roommate in university (the first go 'round) was an avid collector of Spawn comics (they were still rather new at the time). At any rate, he was very excited when the Batman/Spawn issue came out, and I had a read.

I was thoroughly confused because in the very beginning Batman travels *from* Gotham *to* Manhattan. What next? Going from Yerba Buena to San Francisco? From The Windy City to Chicago? From The Big Smoke to London? How can I get a ticket from The City of Lights to Paris? Is there an Oaktown<->Oakland express?

Posted by Leonard at Sat Nov 22 2008 12:47

There's a map somewhere in the DC continuity that shows that Gotham City is between New York and Boston, and Metropolis between New York and Baltimore.

Posted by steve minutillo at Sat Nov 22 2008 13:54

Between New York and Boston? That would put it in Connecticut! According to the DC Atlas, it's in New Jersey, which makes more sense.

Posted by kirkjerk at Sun Nov 23 2008 10:25

Do you think Lisa Loeb thinks that in a better world she'd be a romantic interest for Superman?

Posted by Evan at Sun Nov 23 2008 11:25

i think lisa loeb just wants to 'stay' in this world


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