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[Comments] (6) Leonard Gets Out The Vote: Vote, dammit.

Caution: gallery contains Mega Man 9 spoilers.


Posted by Evan at Tue Nov 04 2008 07:34

i want to vote there

Posted by steve minutillo at Tue Nov 04 2008 08:13

Oh man, you get the mechanical voting machines? I love those! I don't know if yours are the same but I really like the bell that rings when you throw the big elver to finalize your vote.

Connecticut has fully switched over to optical scantron ballots this year.

Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 04 2008 09:51

Is it legal to take pictures in the polling booth?

The preschool storytime at our library is train-themed - they really ought to use that phrase! They hand out tickets and everything.

Posted by Peter at Tue Nov 04 2008 11:52

we totally Inked The Vote(tm) this morning in California! Long lines, yay! (I never thought I'd say THAT!)

Posted by Camille at Tue Nov 04 2008 13:02

Wow! Absentee voting is so boring compared to this. Why did I move? Boooo.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Nov 04 2008 16:34

Yes, it is legal to take pictures of your own voting experience.


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