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[Comments] (2) : I can conceivably see how you might think I'd be interested in your stupid "SOA" emails, but if you put any thought at all into putting me on your mailing list it might have also occurred to you that I can't read Chinese.

How do I know your emails are stupid if I can't read Chinese? Well, 1) you're spamming me with them, and 2) they say "SOA." Yeah, I'm a regular Chinese Room.


Posted by Zack at Wed Dec 17 2008 02:04

SOA? Start Of Authority? State Of the Art? School Of the Americas? Society Of Actuaries? Huh?

Posted by Lorenzo Gatti at Wed Dec 17 2008 05:26

There can be as many SOA acronyms as there are types of spam.
For instance
Silliness (or Service) Oriented Architecture: very, very offshore IT services.
Strange Oriental Adventures: a pulp 419.
Something Ordinary in Asia: euphemistic virility aids (for westerners).
State Of Austerity: money lending (with a scam)

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