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[Comments] (1) : When we were in college Kris introduced me to the work of Jack Horkheimer, the Star Hustler. This was before online video, so I didn't see any of Horkheimer's actual videos. But I learned enough that we could come up with a skit in which Jack Horkheimer has to repeatedly rename his "Star Hustler" show because an interlocutor insists on interpreting the name of his show as being prostitution-related.

"Star Hustler" did in fact change to "Star Gazer" in the late 90s, for pretty much the reason given in the skit. Anyway, Jack Horkheimer was a stock character for us along the lines of this 1997 Onion story, but the other day I saw on clickolinko "The Many Phases of Jack Horkheimer", a riveting story from the 1982 Miami Herald that will, if not shaming you into stopping making dumb jokes about Jack Horkheimer, at least give his character incredible new depth.

I can't improve on what Kris says about that article: "[T]hat is urban legend stuff. I thought it was a Chuck Norris-type gag at first. The dude kept looking up longer than I would have."


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