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[Comments] (5) Where Is It? A Continuing Series: We watched a Sesame Street video in which the Sesame Street subway station was visible. The lines accessible from that station are the 1, 2, A, and B. I say this puts Sesame Street in the West Village around 4th street. The Muppet wiki has more.

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Posted by Ian Bicking at Sun Dec 21 2008 13:11

I always thought they were supposed to be in Queens? That is, after all, where the air is clean.

Posted by Evan at Sun Dec 21 2008 14:10

whoa west 4th street is pretty high rent, maybe big bird had a trust fund?
or oscar made a slew of cash in junk bonds in the 80s?

Posted by anonymous at Sun Dec 21 2008 15:01

Evan, wasn't it you and I who came up with the idea of explaining the financial crisis through Sesame Street??

Posted by Adam at Sun Dec 21 2008 17:17

I thought it was supposed to be modeled after Brooklyn Heights.

Posted by eric fischer at Sun Dec 21 2008 18:21

According to http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=2681 it was originally planned to be at 123 Avenue B, in the lower east side. But I don't know how trustworthy a source that is.

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