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Christmas Chiptunes: This year everyone is a-twitter (and a-Twitter) about 8-Bit Jesus, the excellent album of Christmas carols done in the style of NES games, an album that has doubled in size since the last time I looked at its webpage. But if you can't bear to listen to music not synthesized by a 6502, it's not your only option.

A few years ago the twittering was about The 8bits of Christmas (that really does seem to be the best way to link to it; scroll down to "8bp038"). And this guy puts out a Christmas album every year. There's also this "8 Bit XMAS 2008" which actually comes on an NES cart. If you ask me the first two albums I linked to are the best, but nobody asks me these things.

Sumana listened to some of the music and said, "You won Christmas!"

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