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[Comments] (6) Best Of Weblogs 2008: Keep looking back! This will probably be the last 2008 retrospective unless I decide to go through the books I read in 2008 or whatever. These are the syndication feeds I'm happiest I subscribed to in 2008. Caution: may contain nepotism.

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Posted by kirk at Tue Dec 30 2008 15:49

"Kirk, because the RSS feed finally kind of works" -- man, now that is vindication! No, wait, that's syndication.

Got it.

I'd probably have a better feed if I ever used feeds. What reader do you use?

Posted by Leonard at Tue Dec 30 2008 20:01

I've used Akgregator and Google Reader. Your weblog shows up strangely in both. Try it in GR real quick and you'll see. Or use the Feed Validator.

Posted by Drew at Wed Dec 31 2008 00:32

Leonard, thanks so much. My blog being found by you is like the homely girl at prom being asked to dance, at long last. And I will dance Leonard. Watch me dance!

Posted by Evan at Wed Dec 31 2008 08:52

hey now, i'll strive to get my crummy.com comment ratio (cccr?) back up in the 90th percentile in 2009.

Posted by kirk at Wed Dec 31 2008 13:42

My site isn't intrinsically feed friendly, since it's atom is a day, and then there are malleable "subatomic parts".

Do other sites embed things ok, like youtube video?

It's stuff like this that make me think feeds are overrated, a n ugly subset of what weblogs can be and do

Posted by Brendan at Wed Dec 31 2008 19:46

I am gratified to find my podcast in such rare company! I will strive to make it even more scouring and poisonous in the new year.

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