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[Comments] (2) : Sumana has decided that the opposite of fanfic is "slamfic".

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Posted by jaacob at Fri Jan 02 2009 02:09

picard slithered out of his tunic to reveal a totally non-rippling (or rippling in the bad way) physique. batman looked at him aghast-- in this loose array of frazzled command instincts he saw a pasty reflection of his own wasted wasted wasted wasted years. years spent "fighting" "crime".

"i almost can't believe i'm even here!" said the now-smiley captain. his giddy manner bounced off the still-caped crusader as mellow disgust.

"well, you are" said batman with a sigh. "you are".

Posted by jaacob at Fri Jan 02 2009 02:09

ooh, sorry everyone

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