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[Comments] (2) Depressed Dog On Spaceship: One of the constrained writing exercises we did at Viable Paradise was to write a story given a character, setting, and problem provided by three other people. A recent VP graduate has created the Plot-O-Matic which automates the process.

I don't remember what my character, setting, and problem were, which is odd because I'm pretty sure I wrote a story using them. Maybe not!


Posted by pedro at Fri Dec 05 2008 14:39

tangentally related: at the Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA, they have a whole room devoted to the Dogs of the Russian Space Program, including huge oil portraits of them all.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Dec 05 2008 14:49

The entry title comes from an instantly apocryphal story (because I don't remember it properly and so at least one part of it is wrong) announced with the exercise, that Connie Willis once got "Depressed dog on spaceship" and wrote a story that won the Hugo.


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