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Game Roundup: DS Homebrew Edition: I'm kind of disappointed with the state of DS homebrew games. Admittedly the DS is hostile territory for homebrew, which limits the audience somewhat. It reminds me of the state of Linux gaming in the early 2000s which led me to start doing the Games Roundups in the first place, and the underlying reason in both cases is probably the small audience. In fact, some of the same games from back then are showing up on the DS, like DSBill, which probably works better on the DS than XBill does with the mouse.

Anyway, I went through the games section of ndshb.com, or another site much like it, dumped a bunch of games on my mini-SD card, and played them (or tried to) over the course of several plane flights. I'm pretty sure it wasn't ndshb.com, actually, which means I could do another one of these. Anyway, here are the games I was 1) able to get working and 2) entertained by. My list includes helpful hints like WHAT THE POINT OF THE GAME IS, a tidbit sometimes omitted from official game documentation.

A second round of reviews coming eventually.


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