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[Comments] (2) : My talk went well. Plus, no jet lag since I crashed right after my flight.

Mike Popovic has launched a new weblog, Grok Robots (I talked him down from the less mellifluent "Grokking Robots".) The topic: ROBOTS. I know there's not a lot of robot discussion on NYCB, but that's mostly because my robot-related interests diverge from most peoples'. I don't really care about the analogy between robots and people, but I do like robots that are very different from people. Spacecraft, or robots designed for special purposes like finding kittens. I can only hope that Mike will not neglect this field of robotology.

Which reminds me that I wish I could tell you about Andrew's golem story from last week's SF writing group. Best golem design ever! And I know of many golems.


Posted by Randall Bohn at Thu Feb 28 2008 10:03

Ah yes, the old 'crash the jet, avoid jetlag' remedy.

(Google Reader truncated this to 'no jetlag since I crashed...')


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