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[Comments] (3) You Will Go To The Moon (It Will Be Cool): While writing the previous entry I was thinking of how to give the experience of being on the moon to the most people for the lowest cost. The moon is close enough that telepresence is practical, so my initial thought was of a playground of a few square miles where you could pay to run around as a telepresence robot. But user-controlled mobile robots on the moon are easy to break and hard to replace. So how about dropping a few hundred solid-state, solar-powered panoramic cameras in different lunar locations. Each has a linkup to a communications satellite that transmits a high-quality image back to Earth.

Now you can put on a VR helmet and get a view from any of the cameras. Since the cameras are panoramic, any number of people can use the data feed simultaneously to look in any direction. You're on the moon!

I don't think this is a practical business idea, but it's a lot more practical than actually sending people to the moon. Plus, it works the same everywhere. You can look around a time-shifted panorama of Mars in realtime, rather than telling the camera to move and waiting eight minutes for the shot to change.

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Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 03 2008 22:50

Leonard. I know you were scared, but that's no reason to put it from your mind. You've already been to the moon. You ate a Mars Bar. Let's focus on your trip to Saturn next.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 03 2008 22:53

That was supposed to be Mars!

Posted by Mark Dominus at Tue Feb 05 2008 16:01

Telepresence robots won't work anyway, because the speed-of-light delay is too long. You'd have to wait three seconds after kicking a rock to see it bouncing away.


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