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[Comments] (2) : Sumana brought home a copy of MAD Kids, a dumbed-down version of MAD. Seriously. In my day we had MAD Kids and it was called MAD. If you didn't get a joke it meant you'd gotten a glimpse of a mysterious adult world and you had something to ruminate over.

I flipped through it. It had a "Spy vs. Spy Jr." where Black Spy Jr. concocts a needlessly complex plot to hit White Spy Jr. in the face with a pie. Just throw the pie! Actually now that I think of it the comic is written from the wrong POV. Many SvS comics involve a needlessly complex plot, but you're not in on the plot from the beginning--it's the other spy's doing and it's revealed in the last couple panels--so it's funny. Like I said, dumbed down.


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