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[Comments] (1) : A great, over-the-top account of a job interview at X10, of "wireless spy-cam" fame, where the corporate culture is wedded to the level of quality often called "mediocrity" even though it's really really bad.

From BoogaBooga Gadgets, which I just started reading recently. Incidentally I like the writing style on BBG more than on vanilla BB. BB is all "I shall make a point to employ this new technology at my next soirée!" and BBG is all "I've been plugging the leaks in the roof with the bodies of orphans I found in back of the workhouse, but these new nanotech fibers are just as absorbent and don't smell as bad."


Posted by Evan at Wed Apr 16 2008 14:33

Oh please sir, don't plug me up'in the roof again..


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