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[Comments] (1) FOLLOW ME: It didn't take me long to find the LEGO book I mentioned in my previous entry: it's the "LEGOLAND Idea Book" for 1980 and I found it at The Brickfactory. (Site navigation is not addressable; go here and it's #6000.) The iconic "homesteading the noosphere" spread is just as I remember it. (1 2 3. Note especially the pile of pieces they stumble upon at the top of that second image!)

But I was totally wrong about the spaceship. They don't tear apart their house and build a spaceship from the pieces. They watch a movie about spaceships and then find a real spaceship in the parking lot and take off in it. Also their house burns down halfway through the book and they bring in contractors to build another one. Oh well. On the plus side, I've now got a great idea for a story. It's not plagiarism if what you remember is different and more dramatically satisfying than the original!

Man. So much of my aesthetic sense comes from this book! Check out the Village People space aliens.


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