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Fair Warning: On the inside cover page of my copy of The Warlock in Spite of Himself, which I bought in the bookstore across the street from the British Museum:

Christopher Stasheff worked in
educational television before he
became a writer of science fantasy.
He is an American.

[Comments] (3) But That's Just The Palette Colors Talking: Adam P. let on that his fancy college education had taught him the true meaning of Mega Man. Specifically the part of the ending credits of Mega Man 2 where the palette turns pink to symbolize the coming of spring (skip to 44:10 in that video to see it). When I was a kid I thought that was the game's tribute to Quick Man, but no, pink means spring in Japan because of the cherry blossoms.

I asked Adam if he'd made this connection because all the other ITP people were obsessed with Mega Man like he is. Actually he'd made the connection because there are a lot of Japanese students in the ITP program and they often did cherry-blossom-related projects.


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