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[Comments] (3) But That's Just The Palette Colors Talking: Adam P. let on that his fancy college education had taught him the true meaning of Mega Man. Specifically the part of the ending credits of Mega Man 2 where the palette turns pink to symbolize the coming of spring (skip to 44:10 in that video to see it). When I was a kid I thought that was the game's tribute to Quick Man, but no, pink means spring in Japan because of the cherry blossoms.

I asked Adam if he'd made this connection because all the other ITP people were obsessed with Mega Man like he is. Actually he'd made the connection because there are a lot of Japanese students in the ITP program and they often did cherry-blossom-related projects.

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Posted by Evan at Wed May 21 2008 14:29

Best MegaMan2 villian? Metal Man.

The saw blade shooter was the _best_ weapon.

Worst? Probably the flash guy (Flash Man..?) - his weapon just stopped time and was useful in maybe 3 screens of the whole game.

Posted by Leonard at Wed May 21 2008 17:54

OTOH I was never able to get past the laser-filled pit in Quick Man's level without using the time stopper. And if you used it on Quick Man himself he lost health, just because you were interfering with his lifestyle!


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