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[Comments] (2) "I Blog What You Say" #4: Link Cop-Out : Jacob B. said I should blog about H2O (look at http://tinyurl.com/5a823s); that is, blog about its quality as I find it dripping from a tap. Its quality in my city is good, according to NYT's own "City Room" blog (look at http://tinyurl.com/3jt6yu). At this point, having shown a link, I could just click "Publish", but I'll add that I also think its quality is good. I do own a jar that traps impurity, as on occasion this liquid picks up bits of grit as it flows into my building.

Jacob also said I should blog without using ASCII glyphs 0x65 and 0x45, which I just did. (I took pains to omit such glyphs from both body and HTML markup, and so I couldn't do normal <A> tags.) Finally, Jacob has an odd wish to talk abnormally, and I am to command him to apply a transform to his vocal cords. I say Jacob should talk as Sonic talks. I actually don't know how Sonic talks but that's how Jacob should talk.

PS: I had to wait til Thursday to post this.


Posted by jaacob at Fri May 23 2008 09:36

triumphant! it would rock to do this at my shop for a day-- i think that, by practicing, your brain would find intriguing workarounds to obvious faults, such as, uh, that of an articlish flavor. i'm not saying you'd find your facility at this way of talking multiplying, but tricks would most probably pop up. right? or no?

Posted by Mr. Richardson at Fri May 23 2008 13:17

Actually I think I just sound like S. David S.


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