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[Comments] (1) "Dear friend. Question mark.": At last! A while back I discovered that the NYCB A/V Club's favorite Prohibition-era comedy, "What Price Pants?", was available on DVD as part of a Paramount shorts (ha) collection. My copy came in the mail today. We watched it and it's got an interminable Zoidbergian framing device but the framed dream sequence is all I'd hoped for, nine minutes of lunacy in which the government outlaws pants, leaving men in their underwear and scrambling towards gangster-controlled pantseasies. Shown: the inevitable raid.

Bonus: like the classic "Duck and Cover" video, "What Price Pants" was filmed in Astoria.

Bonus bonus: My "Dogme 1895" idea was semi-realized in 1995's "Lumiere and Company".

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Posted by Evan at Sun May 25 2008 12:43

yay!@ i want to go to a pantseasy


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