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: Rachel C. went to London and we went to Brooklyn and we saw each other through the Telectroscope. I just realized that I should have told my sister Rachel about the Telectroscope and seen her too, but I didn't think about it because I was already meeting a Rachel. Despite its technical uselessness (Rachel and I were texting back and forth to coordinate our meeting up at the scope) it was really great because of its public nature. I think there should be more bidirectional public portals between countries.

After Telectroscope we walked around Brooklyn Heights for a while, which was fun. There are pictures! I bought some books off my wishlist. The pictures you crave: Sumana preparing a sign for the Fitzchalmers family as Manhattan looms in the background. My most successful picture taken through the Telectroscope. Sumana pats the blue pig. The tiny basil plants we got yesterday at the farmers' market.


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