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[Comments] (1) : It's two years since my mother's death. When someone dies you're left with your mental model of that person. This is a kind of immortality but as immortality goes it's really terrible, because your mental model of another person is never good enough to give any satisfaction. It's the difference between a real person and ELIZA.

Except in dreams. The people in our dreams are simulations run by the brain, but we don't notice at the time. I dream about my mother all the time, and for a while I fool myself into thinking a few mental images are a real person. And I wake up and it's painful, like it always is when you realize you've been fooling yourself.

But that's not as bad as it gets, because sometimes I dream that my mother dies. I wake up and realize it was a dream, and I'm relieved. And then I remember that the dream was accurate, and it's worse. The mental-model sort of immortality is mostly good for keeping the pain fresh.

: On Saturday I went with Evan to see the pretty decent Dave Eggers-curated exhibition of cartoonish art, "Lots of Things Like This". Here are some pictures from Saturday, including L.H.O.O.Q., first in my mission to take my own pictures of Duchamp's major forgeries. (Duchamp retouched L.H.O.O.Q., probably to make the Mona Lisa's face more like his own, betting that you wouldn't notice because you'd be distracted by the moustache; dare to compare.)


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