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[Comments] (2) Things: Non-Nepotism Edition: Generative spaceship graphics. Now, breed 'em, like in The Selfish Gene!

If pixel spaceships are too complex for you, try the glider gun of Kenta Cho's Game of Life shmup.

This interview with Cory Doctorow includes some of the writing advice dispensed to us at Viable Paradise.

Update: Non-Nepotism Edition becomes Nepotism Edition with Nick Moffitt's pixel spaceships.


Posted by Nick Moffitt at Fri Jun 13 2008 03:31

Check out my pygame version of the pixel spaceships system at http://zork.net/~nick/pixel/ (it's a bzr tree, so you can just bzr get that). The blackspace script is the better spaceship generator, and it even prints out the "spaceship code" so you can re-generate a specific spaceship next time you run the program, and then mutate from there!

Posted by Kirk at Tue Jun 17 2008 13:01

Crap. Now I want to be Dave Bollinger


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