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: I just got email from Charles Coleman Finlay about my May speculations that he'd written 'a cross between "Absent Qualia, Fading Qualia, Dancing Qualia", Zombies: The Movie, and (dare we hope?) Pamela Sergeant's Nebula-winning "Danny Goes To Mars".':

Yes, that's it exactly. Well, exactly minus the Pamela Sergeant. I think you're the only reader in the world who got the reference, and I understand that you got it without ever reading the story. But I'm pleased that somebody got it.

The relevant anthology is now on my "shall purchase" list. Also, now (rather than after I finish the issue) is a good time to tell you that the August issue of F&SF includes "The Political Prisoner", Finlay's sequel to "The Political Officer". You know it's good. Plus you can now get TPO for free.


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