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[Comments] (3) : I'd forgotten about this cool hack until it showed up in a book I'm reading. MIDI Maze was a sixteen-player game that you networked by daisy-chaining your computers' MIDI ports. In an even more inappropriate use of technology, there was also a version for the Game Boy.

Immediate update: Not even the first time I've written about MIDI Maze.

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Posted by Tom Armitage at Thu Sep 25 2008 03:32

Yes! I remember reading a review when it came out and thinking "woah, that's clever". Of course, Atari always intended the MIDI sockets on the ST to be used as a really cheap way of doing ring-networking. The neat side-effect of turning it into the essential Cubase box of the 80s and 90s? Mere coincidence.

Posted by pedro at Thu Sep 25 2008 03:56

Faceball 2000 ROCKED -- it was probably my favorite Gameboy game, at least for sheer enjoyment (when you had multiple players). It also had one of the best GB theme songs of all time.

Posted by Kevan at Thu Sep 25 2008 05:06

I enjoyed the retro hack of a DS game using cassette-style-squawking sound to transfer level data between handhelds (via, optionally, MP3s online). Would be interesting to network a game by sound, with everyone wearing earplugs.


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