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[Comments] (2) Check For Party Traps: Behold! Pictures from Sumana's surprise Boston picnic, as mentioned on her site. It was great meeting Kirk and Ned and Moss and Julia's friends.

Keeping the picnic a surprise was nerve-wracking. I invented a fictional retro-videogame-themed event to explain where Moss and I would be meeting Kirk and why Sumana wouldn't want to come. Julia took Sumana shopping while we set up in the Common Garden, then arranged to casually stumble upon us while taking a walk. Surprise: achieved!


Posted by Susie at Tue Sep 09 2008 09:40

Wow! I am very impressed. That is some awesome surprise planning.

Posted by Ben Heaton at Wed Sep 10 2008 02:58

I'd like to hear more about the fictional event.


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