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Starslip Crises: It's tough to keep my big mouth shut, but now that Kris is name-checking me I guess I can say something. Over the course of the last week Kris and I have been hashing out the future of his comic strip Starslip, on which he just changed up his art style. Originally he wanted to reboot the strip to tell a new story, but like all comics nerds (which I guess I technically am) I love continuity, and we were able to figure out a way for him to tell the story he wants to tell within the existing metaverse. And a byproduct was some interesting plot twists and gags which you should see soon.

There's a very boring bit of continuity that I doubt Kris will want to discuss within the strip, but that should be interesting for continuity nerds. So if the story stays consistent with the thing I came up with, I may give a noncanonical explanation of "what happened".

PS: If you're a super Starslip nerd, see if you recognize anybody in the background of the third panel. There's a minor clue in there.

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