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[Comments] (2) : Here's another way to get science fiction set in the past: write science fiction set in the present, and then don't get it published for a long time.

Don't knock it, it works.

[Comments] (2) QCon Talk -- Revealed!: I've given up on the QCon people ever putting up the sweaty video of my talk, Justice Will Take Us Millions Of Intricate Moves. And I had this printout of the text of the talk that I'd made all these corrections to in pen, which I wanted to get rid of. So I made the changes to the electronic version, wrote a script that synced my slides to the text--effectively mashing my talk up with itself--and put the sucker online. Enjoy it. Act One is suitable for semitechnical readers; it's the latest incarnation of my "short history of the Internet" that Danny likes to rave about. And the conclusion sums up a lot of my general philosophy. In between is a bunch of technical detail! WOOOO!

[Comments] (5) Harrowscopes: Yeah, I'm cleaning out papers. Here are the funnier of some lame fake horoscopes I wrote for one of Jake Berendes's's abandoned zine projects. Man, I don't know how The Onion does it, week after week. Or why, for that matter.

Oh yeah, I also found a note my mother left me, with the name and phone number of the company she wanted to manage her estate sale. Now that's preparedness.


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