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[Comments] (5) Harrowscopes: Yeah, I'm cleaning out papers. Here are the funnier of some lame fake horoscopes I wrote for one of Jake Berendes's's abandoned zine projects. Man, I don't know how The Onion does it, week after week. Or why, for that matter.

Oh yeah, I also found a note my mother left me, with the name and phone number of the company she wanted to manage her estate sale. Now that's preparedness.


Posted by Rachel at Fri Jan 16 2009 08:30

so that's where it went

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jan 16 2009 09:16

Do you want it back?

Posted by Rachel at Fri Jan 16 2009 09:49

did we have it when we needed it? i thought we couldn't find it then

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jan 16 2009 10:27

I'm pretty sure we had it. We got the right person, at least.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 16 2009 14:14

I believe we looked everywhere for it and ended up calling the person whose estate sale Mom had been impressed with to find it.

I was just telling Leonard that I also found the deed to the cemetery plot - don't remember seeing that before.


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