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Thoughtcrime Experiments Deadline Has Changed: From a nebulous March 31st-or-when-filled to a solid, definite February 15th. I'll put up some more specific stats when we close, but the abstract is that we have a lot of high-quality stories to choose from, to the point where it would be cruel to keep those authors waiting another two months. But in our relentless, Javert-esque pursuit of excellence, we want to have to make even more difficult decisions about which stories to publish.

So we're giving you some time to get a rejection letter for your most recent story from a publication that doesn't know what it's missing, and then pirouette around and send the story in to us. Besides which, a definite date feels right, in a way that "sorry, we're closed, didn't you hear?" doesn't. Once again, here are the guidelines.

[Comments] (6) Yes Sale: My infernokrusher short story "Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs" has been purchased by Strange Horizons! This is my first pro sale. It'll be published around the middle of the year. I'll give more details after it's published, but for now I'll say... well, I won't say anything. I'll just bask.

Update, much later: Here it is.


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