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Thoughtcrime Experiments Deadline Has Changed: From a nebulous March 31st-or-when-filled to a solid, definite February 15th. I'll put up some more specific stats when we close, but the abstract is that we have a lot of high-quality stories to choose from, to the point where it would be cruel to keep those authors waiting another two months. But in our relentless, Javert-esque pursuit of excellence, we want to have to make even more difficult decisions about which stories to publish.

So we're giving you some time to get a rejection letter for your most recent story from a publication that doesn't know what it's missing, and then pirouette around and send the story in to us. Besides which, a definite date feels right, in a way that "sorry, we're closed, didn't you hear?" doesn't. Once again, here are the guidelines.

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