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But Thou Must!: This entry contains spoilers for Mother 3. If you're not Kirk, this might annoy you.

A lot of time in the middle of Mother 3 is spent going around pulling big needles out of the ground. After a while you discover that pulling out all the needles will destroy the world, remaking it into an unknown form. At the end of the game, you're faced with the final needle. Only a Chosen One (tm) can pull the needles, and the only other Chosen One is dead. Do you pull out the last needle?

> Yes

Often in these games I choose the "wrong" (non-plot-advancing) answer to these fake questions just to see how I'll get railroaded back into the plot. This time, though, I selected "No" sincerely. Call me old-fashioned, but destroying the world seems like a bad idea. Supposedly the new world will be superior to the old, but nobody knows for sure, and dialogue like "Let's make the Dark Dragon sealed underground our new friend" doesn't inspire confidence. So why take the chance?

Big spoiler: despite selecting "No", I ended up pulling the needle anyway.

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