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[Comments] (4) Thoughtcrime Experiments Lineup: Behold! After painful winnowing of the 25 stories we really wanted to publish, we've sent out acceptance notices to the authors of nine:

Barring unforseen catastrophe, that's the lineup. (A couple of the titles are working titles and might change, but I wanted to announce this ASAP.) These are the stories we couldn't say no to. They've all got great originality and execution. I'd put this anthology against an issue of a pro mag any day.

I'm surprised by the variety in the stories. I was expecting to publish maybe two fantasy stories; we're publishing four. Four of the stories are really funny, but none of them are "funny stories".[0] We're publishing a freaking cat story. A cat story that will kick your ass!

Sumana deserves enormous credit, not just for reading the slush pile and sending out over 200 mostly-personal rejections, but for working with me all the way to the final selections. She pulled one way, I pulled another, and the result was a balanced selection.

In addition to the stories, we've also commissioned pieces by five artists. Our instructions, such as they were, were "draw something awesome." The artists delivered. Here's what we've got:

Go to the Thoughtcrime Experiments homepage for a teaser that includes a low-res version of "Gaia's Strange Seedlike Brood". David Kelmer also put a low-res version of "Times Square" up on his weblog.

[0] I originally wrote that I don't think "funny stories" are funny, but then I thought of some really funny stories we rejected in the final rounds, and realized I was being snobbish. A story can be incredibly funny and still suffer the "funny story" stigma, if there's not a strong plot. That's why Wodehouse's books blend in one's mind into a homogenous mush of hilarity.

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Posted by Future at Sun Mar 08 2009 14:57

Would you be willing to send a review copy to the Fiction Circus, FOR REVIEW, once it's done? I guess "hit me back" at stephenfuture@fictioncircus.com, "yo"

Posted by Sumana Harihareswara at Mon Mar 09 2009 13:07

Will do!

Posted by Sarah at Mon Mar 09 2009 13:53

This is so exciting! And I love Patrick Farley's illustration. Space raccoons!!!

Posted by Fafner at Thu Mar 12 2009 14:49

That's fantastic. I can't wait to buy a copy!

Big fan of the giant bacteriophage. Man, I love those things.

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