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[Comments] (9) Request Weblog's Musical Return: I'm not going to do this right away because there's lots of things I need to be doing instead, but once I finish some of them this would be a nice combination of my "doing something" projects and my "having fun" projects. Going to the Coulton concert made me realize that it's been a long time since I listened to new music in an exploratory way. There are a number of reasons for this that I won't dwell on because many of them involve me getting old. But it doesn't have to be that way. I'm interested in your music recommendations.

My vague idea is that I'll buy one album a week on your recommendations and write a review. For whatever reason I've always preferred music recommendations from friends to recommendations through reviews or (this is real weird) audio samples such as you'd hear on music podcasts.

In general I'd prefer music I can buy from CD Baby, because that's the only online store I've seen that offers a decent full-album download for Linux (known in the trade as a "download over HTTP"; somehow other stores keep screwing this up). Also I did some consulting work for CD Baby once, though it doesn't seem to have borne fruit yet. But suggest whatever and I'll try to get a hold of it if I think it sounds cool.

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Posted by Fafner at Mon Mar 30 2009 23:58

The Wiyos: Hat Trick


Posted by jacob at Tue Mar 31 2009 02:43

silver jews: natural bridge *or* american water

Posted by Nathaniel at Tue Mar 31 2009 03:40

Menomena: Friend and Foe -or- I Am the Fun Blame Monster

(The former is IMHO genuinely worth paying extra money to get the physical CD and trappings; it is the only album I have ever encountered that I thought that of. The latter is physically neat too -- flipbook! -- but eh.)

Posted by Evan at Tue Mar 31 2009 09:05



I don't see it on cdbaby, but it's good stuff. Fun for me and Party weirdo, very dance danceable

Posted by Kevan at Tue Mar 31 2009 09:48


Posted by dave at Tue Mar 31 2009 14:25


Eux Autres: Hell is Eux Autres

Posted by Alex Demko at Tue Mar 31 2009 17:03

Dead Air For Radios, by Chroma Key

Also, The Five Doors is up: http://castlezzt.net/~ademko/public/thefivedoors/
Read it and submit some instructions, why don't you!

Posted by mikepop at Wed Apr 01 2009 13:58

Dan Bern:


That album is not on CD Baby unfortunately.

Posted by Evan at Wed Apr 08 2009 18:43

Oh and Girl Talk!

Get the album, you have to download it off some crazy server in Estonia (or somewhere like that) because it samples the entire Western Canon of Known Pop and Hip Hop.

There are several selections up here, also:


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