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[Comments] (1) Abandon Ship: I've written before about the New York Times's interest in the stupid problems of the wealthy. So has Sumana. But now the wealthy aren't so wealthy anymore, and their problems have changed. It used to be your biggest hassle was finding low-salt cocktail olives for your yacht to compensate for the saltiness of the sea air. Now you're more likely to be scouting for the best way to wreck that yacht and collect the insurance money.

The owners cannot sell them, because the secondhand market is overwhelmed. They cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month mooring and maintaining them. And they do not have the thousands of dollars required to properly dispose of them.

So they're being sunk or just abandoned, like underwater mortgages. A few months back when we were walking along the Hudson, Evan expressed admiration for the boat-having lifestyle. There's never been a better time to buy, Evan!

A Fine Distinction:

"Pretty lame."
"I love your snap judgements of how lame I am, Sumana."
"Not you! Your work!"


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