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[Comments] (2) Panning For April Fool's Gold: Last year I proposed, perhaps naively, that April first could become a day where you announce crazy things that you've truly created or that you truly intend to do going forward. Instead of the cheesy Internet pranks and fake news that I've never liked and that make me feel like T-Rex.

2008 was a pretty good year for such things, as you'll see if you click the link above. How did it go this year? I'm not seeing a whole lot. Jake Berendes abruptly shut down his junk shop, presumably so he can move on to different awesome things. And according to a reliable source, on Wikipedia "the true-but-sounds-like-an-obvious-hoax philosophy seems to taken root as the de-facto policy for the day."

Anything else? Tell me this is an idea that's catching on and not one that's dying out.


Posted by Nathaniel at Sat Apr 04 2009 23:31

Another example (though it may not be obvious if you don't follow MGK):

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