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[Comments] (5) Song Opposites: While we were having dinner, "Don't Stand So Close to Me" came on the restaurant radio. Sumana and I decided that "Stacy's Mom" is the opposite of that song. Then we started thinking of what songs are the opposite of what other songs. But it turned out this wasn't a game I really enjoyed playing, though it sounded fun in the abstract. So I give this game to you, in hopes that you'll have more fun with it.

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Posted by jacob at Fri Apr 17 2009 23:25

ok, this is different, but could you use something like last.fm to figure out which artist the fans of a certain different artist are least likely to enjoy?

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Sat Apr 18 2009 06:59

On the movies front: It's A Wonderful Life is the photo negative of Donnie Darko (I never saw the director's cut, though).

Posted by Kris Straub at Sat Apr 18 2009 15:21

John Cage's 4'33" is a meta-opposite for every song.

Posted by norman at Mon Apr 20 2009 14:19

"Veni Creatur Spiritus" is the inverse of _I Write the Songs_

_Buddy Holly_ is the contrapositve of _Take It Easy_

Posted by pedro at Mon Apr 20 2009 19:07

"With a Little Help From My Friends" and "My Way"

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