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[Comments] (1) One Town's Very Like Another When Your Head's Down Over Your Keyboard, Brother: Version 2 of Dada Chess features textual representations of the games for those with chessless browsers, highlighting of the piece that just moved, and improved stalemate rules so the game ends instead of the kings chasing each other all over the board.

I also heard back from the original ChessPy author, who for complex reasons invited me to make my bug fixes public by forking the project. So here you go. It's also got unit tests for the stuff I changed. It's really easy to use, and recommended if you have some Dada Chess-like project that needs to run simulated chess games that don't require an AI.

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Posted by Zack at Wed May 27 2009 01:02

Chess terminology nitpick: "stalemate" is only used for the case where the player to move has no legal move but is not in check. "Draw" is the general term for games that are a win for neither side. (Stalemates are a subset of draws.)

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