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[Comments] (1) Abridged Search History: I haven't cleaned out my browser search history in years, and every once in a while something bizarre turns up in the autocomplete. I went looking to see where the search data was so I could go through it properly. It turns out the browser search history for Firefox is kept along with other form autocomplete data, in [your profile directory]/formhistory.sqlite. I wrote a script (below) to dump the search history and went through it looking for fun. I found a lot of interesting stuff I'd forgotten about and stuff that's funny out of context, doing my part to add to other peoples' stock of Disturbing Search Requests. I thought I'd present some highlights, in the traditional Internet meme presentation of "one for every letter of the alphabet". Plus one number and one non-alphanumeric character.

Update: in case you were wondering, there were 4834 distinct search strings in my history.


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