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[Comments] (2) : Edits for "Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs" are done. Hopefully you'll be able to read it in July or August.

Another data point I'm not sure what to do with (see Dada Chess weirdness passim) is that both stories I've sold had their origin in weblog entries I posted to NYCB. "Mallory" was the end result of this bizarre entry, and "Awesome Dinosaurs" was the end result of this more-obviously-an-idea entry. I sold both stories to the first market I sent them to, though for both I had to do a revision and resubmit. If a story didn't start in this weblog, I haven't been able to sell it.

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Posted by Brendan at Wed Jul 01 2009 02:21

I want to know what ever happened to the Semiotic Supercollider. Or was that the Eater of Meaning?

Posted by Leonard at Wed Jul 01 2009 07:53

Yeah, I guess it was completed early.

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